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When you or a loved one becomes eligible for Medicare, often the first place you look for information is online. is the government website most people in New Jersey, and Americans in general, go to for information.  Websites like can cause anxiety of navigating a confusing website to find answers, forms, and more. 

You might have been putting this off. In fact, you might be here, reading this article right now, on your way to deciding whether you're going to put this off for another hour or even another day. 

Take a deep breath, and remember to tell yourself it will turn out okay. 

For the most part, navigating the website is going to be easier than you're telling yourself it is, but if you run into trouble, below are some resources which can provide the help you need. 

Getting Help 

Looking at the main page, you might already have a million questions on where to go first. Rest assured that everything you need is probably available. The problem is that there is a lot. The first thing you're probably going to look at is the splash image with two buttons: Getting Started with Medicare and Login/Create Account, but there are so many other things to click on around them. 

  • First, decide what you're there to do. Do you need some questions answered, or are you ready to create your account/log into your existing one? 
  • If it's your first time dealing with Medicare, click the Getting Started with Medicare button. This page lists three main steps to take to register through Social Security online or over the phone. 
  • Hover your mouse over each of the buttons at the top, and dropdown menus will appear showing all your options. For example, under Sign Up/Change Plans, your options include checking your enrollment status, what to do when you already have employer coverage, and more. 

The site does its best to supplement the help you can give yourself just by looking. You can also use the search bar up at the top of the page to narrow it by specific terms. 

Medicare Brokers: Who Else Can Provide Help?

Sometimes a little additional human help is really what you need the most. 

You can seek your help with a Medicare broker. You will be connected to someone in your area or who can assist you with your Medicare options, free of charge.  

An agent with a group like New Jersey Medicare Brokers can help you with small questions, walk you through the registration process, and point you in the right direction when choosing a provider and plan for Medicare!

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