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Does Medicare Cover Gym Membership?

You may be surprised to know that Medicare gym memberships or fitness packages may be included in your health insurance coverage.  This benefit is included on many Medicare supplement (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans in New Jersey.   Original Medicare, Parts A and B, and Prescription drug plans (Part D) do not include any sort of gym or fitness benefits.


Medicare gym memberships can be extremely valuable to your long-term health and happiness.  The benefits of regular exercise include lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and a lower risk of a major health event such as a stroke or heart attack.  Gyms can also be a good place to meet like-minded people or catch up on your favorite television show while racking up the steps on a treadmill.

One reason your Medicare plan may include gym membership is that regular trips to the gym will help you stay healthier. Insurance companies are looking for ways to keep their policyholders in good health which leads to lower healthcare costs and fewer claims for your insurance to pay.  It is a rare win-win situation for all parties

Do New Jersey Medicare Advantage plans include gym memberships?

All New Jersey Medicare Advantage plans include either free Medicare gym membership or reimbursement for your gym membership.  Check with your plan to see which benefits are included.

Plans that offer reimbursement allow you to go to any gym or fitness location, however, Medicare Advantage plans that include membership require you to frequent gym locations that participate in your health insurance.  These programs are not limited to gyms, other health-related classes such as yoga studios, pilates classes, or woman-only fitness may be included.  Some health clubs even include pools or classes designed specifically for seniors.   If you prefer to break a sweat at home you can download or stream workout videos on-demand and purchase workout equipment mailed to you such as resistance bands or a Fit Bit.

Do New Jersey Medicare Supplement plans include gym memberships?

Medicare Supplement plans are standardized meaning the healthcare benefits and out-of-pocket costs are the same depending on the carrier.  A few insurance companies include extra benefits on top of regular healthcare benefits such as gym membership.  Review the benefits in your coverage to determine if the Medicare Supplement includes gym membership.

Get More Information about New Jersey Medicare Plans

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