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Finding Your NJ Medicare Broker

In 2019, statistics showed that more than 1.6 million New Jersey residents were enrolled in Medicare, with most of them holding separate Medicare Part D plans and just over 20 percent obtaining Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans. That is a considerable population to cover, and it would not be at all surprising to guess that not all of them are themselves experts in Medicare policies and procedures. 

At no cost to them, however, they have free avenues for finding experts in the Medicare field. Independent Medicare Brokers are beholden to no private insurance companies, but they extend hours of training and personal expense to make themselves the most knowledgeable they can be, just so they can help people like you navigate the system with ease and confidence. 

Reasons to Engage with a NJ Medicare Broker

While it is possible to work out your Medicare for yourself, finding a broker to work with you is like taking an open-book test with a personal assistant: You have somebody to talk to who isn't going to tell you what the right answers are, but can give you all the information you need to decide for yourself. Engage with a NJ Medicare broker if you would like:

  • Expert advice, for free. Independent Medicare brokers have one job, and that is to know as much as they can about Medicare and the various policies you can choose. Your NJ Medicare broker should also charge you absolutely nothing.
  • Unbiased information. Medicare brokers are not beholden to any single private insurance company, and part of their job is to tell you about plans and policies that are the best for you, even if it means changing carriers. 
  • A wide umbrella of choices. Because your NJ Medicare broker is not tied to any one company, it means they can tell you about policies from a vast array of different sources. 

Qualities of a Good Medicare Broker

When you are considering where to look and whom to look for, there are a number of qualities you want to find in a NJ Medicare broker. 

Ask yourself a few key questions: 

  1. Are they licensed? Only a licensed broker can enroll you in Medicare policies.
  2. Are they easy to reach? Your broker should have a name, a phone, and email where you can reach them directly, and while they don't need to immediately answer the phone each time you dial them, it should be reasonable to expect timely answers. 
  3. Are they knowledgeable, and will they tell you about new policies, even if it isn't through the same carrier you already have? You want your broker to know as much as they can and to never hesitate to bring up policy changes or new policies that you might consider.

Contact New Jersey Medical Brokers for unbiased information, attentive agents who can meet you locally by appointment, and the means to arm yourself with all the knowledge you need to make sound decisions about your healthcare.

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