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Five Reasons to Work with a Medicare Insurance Broker in New Jersey

When you decide to set a retirement date you should be thinking about your health insurance options post-retirement, too. A licensed Medicare Insurance Broker, like the team at New Jersey Medicare Brokers, is your ally in the process. We offer unbiased and personalized support as you learn about your Medicare options based on your health, budget, and overall priorities for the insurance coverage you choose.  Here are five reasons you should plan to work with a Medicare Insurance Broker at New Jersey Medicare Brokers:

There is no cost to you to work with a Medicare Insurance Broker.

You pay the same price if you buy directly from the insurance carrier or use a NJ Medicare Broker.  If you take a plan through us, then we are compensated by the insurance companies. Put us to work for you!


We understand the market (and the realities of living in New Jersey).

New Jersey has many Medicare options.  There are HMOs, PPOs, Medicare Supplement Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans.  And the options vary based on the county you live in.  We help clients in every county throughout our beautiful state - from the bright and sunny Jersey Shore to the mountains and streams of Sussex County – and the high expense of living here. Getting you the best value for your money is one of our highest priorities.


We will shop the market annually for your specific situation.

We are contracted with 12 insurance carriers and offer over 100 health insurance plans.  While not all plans are available in all areas, we take pride in providing a range of plans to fit any budget and health situation. We also provide an annual review of coverage during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period which runs from October 15th thru December 7th.


We offer unbiased and informed recommendations for coverage.

It is important that a Medicare broker is knowledgeable about the plans they represent to provide the highest level of service to their clients.  We want our clients to be educated and empowered to make the best decision for their health insurance coverage.

The brokers at New Jersey Medicare Brokers undergo annual testing and continuing education with each contracted insurance carrier in addition to state licensing requirements. Our brokers use this knowledge to educate our clients about the latest in Medicare regulations and their best options for Medicare insurance coverage. 


We will screen and apply for New Jersey assistance programs to help bring the costs down.

We have experience guiding clients through the applications for New Jersey’s Pharmaceutical Assistance Program to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD) and Senior Gold Programs.  These programs are valuable resources to assist eligible New Jersey residents with the cost of prescription drugs and monthly premiums for the insurance.


As you can see, working with a licensed insurance broker at New Jersey Medicare Brokers will give you peace of mind that you have reviewed all your options and made the best choice for your health insurance needs post-retirement.  We can be reached at 1-800-797-0605 or by email at




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