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How Important is the Medicare Star Rating?

The Medicare Star Rating is put into place to help you determine which plans are most highly rated as a whole in terms of coverage and costs, among other factors. Since there are numerous plans to pick from in New Jersey, the Medicare Star Rating can help you easily whittle down your choices.

Medicare Star Rating Categories

What are some of the categories used to garner each plan's Medicare Star Rating, and how often are ratings updated?  Medicare Star Ratings are updated each October for the upcoming year. Medicare has a 1-5 Star Rating system, with 5 Stars being the best.  Each Prescription Drug plan and Medicare Advantage option available in New Jersey has a Star Rating and is updated annually, so you're always getting the most up-to-date ratings.

Performance ratings cover several different categories, including:

  • Wellness such as routine screenings, checkups, and exams
  • Long-term illnesses and diseases and how they're managed
  • Overall patient care
  • Customer service when needed
  • How many complaints have been filed, negative reviews, and patients who have switched a specific plan to select another one

Prescription drug plans that focus on only medication Medicare Star Ratings are measured in different categories.

Part D plans include:

  • Pricing of medications, safe dispensing of drugs and controlled substances
  • Customer service when used for any situation
  • Specific member issues and reviews
  • Complaints or problems members have with using the prescription plan

These categories comprise overall Medicare Star Ratings in New Jersey so you can easily see which plans are at the top of the list in terms of patient care, pricing, customer service, and so on.

How Do I Find My Plan's Medicare Star Rating?

As you begin to search for the right Medicare plan for yourself, here's how you find the Medicare Star Rating for each New Jersey Medicare option. If you're online, head over to the Plan Finder site. 

This portal allows you to compare and contrast the available plans for your county in New Jersey and look at each plan's Medicare Star Rating. This breaks it all down and makes it easy and accessible for you to view the aggregated data that makes up each Medicare Star Rating.

The Medicare and You handbook also lists the Star Ratings every year.  To ensure you have the most up to date information you may want to contact New Jersey Medicare Brokers.

Remember, the Medicare Star Rating is only one factor to consider when choosing a plan; you also have to consider pricing and own personal needs.

Contact New Jersey Medicare Brokers today to discuss your plan options.

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