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Medicare and Dental

You likely know that Medicare benefits help cover routine wellness visits and screenings along with continuing care for preexisting conditions, but what about dental benefits? Does your existing Medicare coverage qualify you for dental, and if so, how do you ensure you receive Medicare dental along with your traditional healthcare plan?

Is Dental Included in Medicare Insurance Plans?

Medicare offers a wide variety of plans containing different doctors, prescription benefits, premiums, and other considerations to factor in as you select the right Medicare plan for you in New Jersey. However, the Original Medicare does not include dental coverage. 

Medicare is divided into two parts: part A and part B. 

Neither coverage offers dental benefits by default. But there is good news — there are a few ways you can add dental to your existing Medicare coverage and find a great dentist in New Jersey to visit for ongoing and emergency dental care, cleanings, and the multiple ways to maintain your smile throughout the years. 

Your Options for Obtaining Dental on Medicare

There are a few options when you're looking to secure Medicare dental coverage, so you are covered. Here are some things to consider as you seek supplementary Medicare dental for your healthcare plan in New Jersey. 

1. Verify that your specific dentist is willing to accept the plan you choose.

2. When reviewing your options keep in mind that many plans have waiting periods prior to being able to use comprehensive benefits.

3. Understand whether the plan has a maximum amounts they will pay each year.  Many plans have a $1,000 annual benefit amount.

Here are the dental plan types available with Medicare.

  • Medicare Advantage - These comprehensive plans not only offer you the medical and prescription coverage you're seeking but many include routine dental at no cost and with some plans you can add on comprehensive dental for a reasonable premium.
  • Some Medicare Supplement plans now offer a dental discount policy included in their coverage at no additional cost.  
  • Another option is to stick with your existing New Jersey Medicare plan and simply look for a low-cost private insurance plan instead of seeking a plan that includes a dental benefit in it’s coverage.
  • Speak with your dentist office about whether they offer a program for seniors.  Some dentists have their own coverage which you’d pay a monthly fee for and you’d get coverage for your dental needs.  
  • Lastly, you can use a dental discount plan to reduce costs associated with dental visits, but not as an actual insurance provider such as Medicare dental. These are considered alternative healthcare plans and don't quite fit the mold of a plan such as a Medicare dental plan. 

Get More Information about New Jersey Medicare Dental Plans

Want to know more about receiving Medicare dental benefits to supplement your existing coverage or add another type of dental plan to your Medicare so you can receive more dental coverage in New Jersey? 

Contact New Jersey Medicare Brokers today to discover more about these plans.

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