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Medicare Help—Making Medicare Easy

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. When it comes to navigating healthcare concerns, multiply the odds of needing assistance by a hundred. Dealing with Medicare? With literally hundreds of plans and combinations to choose from, you have your work cut out for you. 

The good news is NJ Medicare Brokers is here to help you, whether your troubles are purely financial or you need an extra pair of eyes and maybe an expert hand to help you sort through your options. Medicare help is usually only a few clicks or even a short phone call away, no matter what your issue. 

Engage with Local Medicare Brokers for Medicare Help

A Medicare Broker is a free agent who can engage with you to help you make an informed decision about your Medicare coverage. They are experts in their field, offered to you at no cost, and they have no ties to private insurance companies, so you can rest assured that they are concerned with what works best for your healthcare and lifestyle, not with a company's bottom line. Keep a favorite Medicare Broker's number on hand for any of your Medicare help needs. You can read more about NJ Medicare agents and brokers at their website.

The majority of individuals on Medicare can be put into two main options. There are many sub-options and if you have Medicare and Medicaid or have Veterans benefits these options may not apply to you.

Option 1 - Enroll in Medicare A and B + Medicare Supplement Insurance + Part D Rx Insurance

  • Medicare is your primary insurance and the supplement plan pays second.
  • No network restrictions, you can see any doctor that accepts Medicare.
  • Medicare Supplement and drug plans are through private insurance carriers and have monthly fees.
  • Medicare Supplement plans limit your out of pocket costs for doctor and hospital expense.
  • Plans are state based.

Option 2 - Enroll in Medicare A and B - Enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

  • Combines all your Medicare, doctor, hospital, prescriptions all into one policy through a private insurance company. 
  • Plans are typically HMO or PPO, so you must see doctors and hospitals that accept it.  
  • ”Pay as you go” format for your of pocket expenses, each plans copays and cost sharing is different so you should shop the market to find the most cost effective plan available.
  • Monthly fees for these plans vary, some are as low as $0 per month and others are over $100 per month.  
  • Plans vary based on the county you live in.

Online State and Federal Resources

In New Jersey there is assistance available to individuals with low income.  NJ Save is an online application you can access through the state department's website, which allows residents over the age of 65 or with disabilities to apply for financial assistance for Medicare, prescription drug costs, and more. The online application is available here. also offers resources you can peruse. The first is their Medicare and You site, which grants you access to their handbook. You can either download a copy to read electronically or receive it in the mail by request. They also have a Find a Medicare Plan tool that asks for basic information like your prescription drugs and your Medicare number to generate a list of potential plans, their cost, and even customer satisfaction ratings. 

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