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New and expanded assistance programs for seniors in New Jersey
NJ PAAD, Senior Gold, NJ Freeze & Stay NJ

Governor Murphy recently signed into law the 2024 New Jersey state budget.  There are a few line items that will help seniors & Medicare recipients living in New Jersey with the cost of their prescription drugs and their property tax payments. Read below for more information:


Assistance with the cost of prescription medications
Expanded programs, NJ PAAD and Senior Gold

The state of New Jersey has two assistance programs to help seniors and the disabled with medication costs.  These programs have expanded income eligibility limits for 2024.

New Jersey Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (NJ PAAD)

  1. The New Jersey Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (NJ PAAD) program helps pay the monthly premium for many Medicare Prescription drug plans (Part D) or Medicare Advantage plans. Once enrolled, the most you would owe for a 1-month supply of a covered medication is $7, regardless of the price of the prescription.  If the prescription is generic, then the maximum copayment is $5.

New Jersey Senior Gold

  1. NJ Senior Gold is a similar program with higher income qualifications. Senior Gold gives a 50% discount after the first $15 for a prescription is paid.  It also has a cap of $2,000 that an enrollee can pay on medications during the year.  Anyone currently enrolled in the Senior Gold program will automatically be upgraded to NJ PAAD for next year. 

How to Qualify for NJ PAAD and Senior Gold:

The updated qualifications for NJ PAAD and Senior Gold starting in January 2024:

  • You are a New Jersey resident
  • You are enrolled in Medicare
  • Your income is within one of these thresholds:

NJ PAAD (2024)

NJ Senior Gold (2024)

$52,142 if single

$ 62,142 if single

$59,209 if married

$69,209 if married


Property Tax Assistance for Seniors
New Program, StayNJ & Expanded Senior Freeze

Starting in 2026, the new “Stay NJ” law will offer property tax relief as a 50% credit on property taxes bills (up to $6,500) to homeowners aged 65 and older and making less than $500,000 a year. Additionally, the law increases the income threshold for the NJ Freeze program, a property tax reimbursement program for seniors, from $99,735 to $150,000 and lowers the New Jersey residency requirement from 10 years to 3 years. More information on the Senior Freeze program can be found here.

Contact us for more information!

We will send more information on the updated NJ PAAD and Senior Gold program at the end of the year.  If you think you qualify for these programs, feel free to reach out to us at or by calling 800-797-0605 and we will assist you with the application process.

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