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NJ FamilyCare, PAAD, and Senior Gold Renewal - Post COVID-19 Emergency Declaration

Recertification period begins April 1st 2023

The COVID-19 State of Emergency declaration is ending, meaning there will be changes to some government programs supported by COVID-19 pandemic funding.  One such change is the State of New Jersey eligibility “Hold” which started in Spring 2020.  Since that time, eligibility checks were halted and no one was disenrolled from assistance programs including NJ FamilyCare (NJ Medicaid), NJ PAAD/Senior Gold, Low Income Subsidy (LIS), and Medicare Savings Programs.  Pre COVID-19, enrollees were sent renewal packages on an annual basis. However, the COVID-19 State of Emergency stopped eligibility checks and disenrollments for any member on these programs; even if their financial situation has changed and they are no longer eligible for the programs.

Starting on April 1st, 2023, the State will begin their eligibility check for over 2 million members of their state-funded medical and prescription assistance programs.  The State will send renewal packets to participants via regular mail, so it is important that the state has your correct mailing address.  To verify your address or update it with the NJ FamilyCare program, call 800-701-0710 and for the NJ PAAD or Senior Gold call 800-792-9745.

The eligibility check will begin April 1st 2023, and is projected continue through June 1st 2024. Individuals enrolled in these programs may be contacted at any time during the eligibility check period.  If you receive a renewal packet, fill it out in its entirety and provide any requested supporting documentation.  Going forward, program participants will have to recertify their information annually. You have a right to an appeal if you are determined ineligible.

More information on the eligibility checkfor these programs can be found on the State of New Jersey website.


Can you keep NJ FamilyCare (NJ Medicaid) and Medicare?

It becomes harder to keep NJ FamilyCare when you also become eligible for Medicare.  Medicare eligibility can be obtained through aging in (turning 65) or being on Social Security disability for two years.  Once eligible for Medicare, the NJ FamilyCare program changes to NJ FamilyCare Aged, Blind, Disabled Programs (ABD).

Here are the requirements for the NJ FamilyCare ABD Program.

Income – $1,215 per month if single

Assets – $4,000 for a single individual

There are multiple NJ FamilyCare ABD programs including the Medicaid Workability program and Long Term Care Medicaid (often referred to as MLTSS).  Each of these programs has different income and asset limits. 

You can apply online for NJ FamilyCare ABD program through the state website, or use a paper application and bring it to your local welfare office. If you become eligible for Medicare while on NJ FamilyCare, it is important to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B because Medicare will be the first payer for any medical claims.

If you are eligible for Medicare and NJ FamilyCare coverage you may be eligible for a Medicare Dual Special Needs Plan combining your Medicare, NJ FamilyCare, and Prescription coverage into one plan. New Jersey Medicare Brokers can assist with reviewing your eligibility and enrolling in these plans. 

NJ PAAD and Senior Gold Renewals

The PAAD and Senior Gold programs will begin their renewal processes as well.  The redetermination for these programs is only based on your income.  Below are the income requirements for NJ PAAD and Senior Gold.

  Single Married
NJ PAAD  $ 42,142  $      49,209
Senior Gold  $ 52,142  $      59,209

Working with a licensed insurance broker at New Jersey Medicare Brokers will give you peace of mind that you have reviewed all your options and made the best choice for your health insurance needs post-retirement. When in doubt, contact us to learn more about your options!


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