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Options for New Jersey Prescription Help

Paying out-of-pocket for prescriptions, particularly when you have an ongoing illness that necessitates monthly medications, can become a hardship when you have budgetary constraints, or you're going through a period of low or no employment. 

However, there are options for prescription help if you live in the state of New Jersey. If you're having a hard time trying to stay afloat to meet your healthcare needs whether it's blood pressure medication, pain pills, or even insulin, which can be extremely costly — there are programs to help.

Read on to learn about what you can do to ensure you get your medications and keep yourself healthy without putting yourself through financial stress.

Seeking Low-Cost Prescriptions via Medicare in New Jersey

If you’re on Medicare in New Jersey you have some affordable options for prescription help. These include the following programs or policies to existing Medicare that help supplement benefits and assist residents with paying less for medications: 

  • Part D - The Part D program under Medicare allows New Jersey prescription help via Medicare-approved plans through private insurance companies. 
  • PAAD Program - The PAAD program allows New Jersey residents to receive prescription help through a state-funded program. PAAD’s qualifications are based on income only, assets do not disqualify applicants. For those that qualify the state will pay the monthly premium for the Part D prescription plan and all qualifying medications will be $7 or less for a 30 day supply. 
  • Senior Gold - Lastly, New Jersey offers a Senior Gold program to help low-income seniors with New Jersey prescription help. This is another program funded solely by the state of New Jersey. You can discover more information about all of these programs through the New Jersey Department of Human Services.

New Jersey Medicare Brokers help individuals apply for NJ PAAD or Senior Gold.  If you would like an application or more information click here

Prescription Help Without Using Medicare

Some medications have a lower cost using a coupon or savings card than with using Medicare drug coverage. You can go through Needy Meds, which is a nonprofit prescription assistance program. Other such programs include RXAssist and GoodRx.

Alternately, you can check with your pharmacy for the savings cards they offer. Many pharmacies, including chains, have some prescription savings program or plan. Discuss this with your pharmacist. 

Contact New Jersey Medicare Brokers today for more information on Medicare and New Jersey Prescription Help.

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