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Utilizing Your New Jersey Medicare Insurance Agent

Once you've got the ball rolling in your New Jersey Medicare plan, you can breathe. The important thing is getting there, and a Medicare insurance agent can help you by addressing any concerns and ensuring you fully understand your policy. However, that is not where an agent or broker's job ends when assisting you. 

You want to keep them on hand for any questions that may arise later, and that won't just be when something goes wrong. Different Medicare policies and supplements will vary from county to county and company to company, and eligibility requirements and even availability can change every year. Keeping yourself abreast of these shifts can mean the difference between knowing what your New Jersey Medicare is doing for you at all times and being blindsided with a surprise.

Should You Consult a Medicare Broker?

Here are two times where it may make sense to speak with a professional about your Medicare options.

  1. During the Medicare Open Enrollment period, which is October 15th to December 7th.  During this time, new plans for the upcoming year are released and it is important to review your current coverage to ensure your plan is still covering the doctors you want to see, the medications you are prescribed, and at the most affordable cost.  

  1. When you are first eligible for Medicare it seems that everyone in the world knows you are turning 65.  Many people are bombarded by each and every insurance carrier mailing information and it can get very confusing choosing the right plan for your needs.  A New Jersey Medicare Broker can help educate you on the plans available and assist you with making this important decision.

In both cases, this is free of charge to you. Agents collect their commission through the premium that is already paid. 

About New Jersey Medicare Brokers LLC

New Jersey Medicare Brokers LLC, while based in Orange, serves the entire state of New Jersey and can meet eligible recipients anywhere in the commonwealth. They have been active for nine years and currently assist over 800 clients. Their services are always free, whether you speak to them on the phone or in person.

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