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What to Know About Visiting a New Jersey Social Security / Medicare Office

You are interested in applying for Medicare, but you don't know much about what benefits you qualify for and to obtain coverage. Don't worry! 

The state of New Jersey makes applying for benefits easy whether you’re completing an online application or phone interview with a Social Security representative from the comfort of your home.  There is no actual Medicare office, your local Social Security office is where you will submit your Medicare enrollment paperwork and where you can discuss the premium bill you are charged for Medicare.

What You Can Do at a Social Security/Medicare Office

Medicare has multiple parts to it.  You can elect to enroll in only Medicare Part A (Hospital coverage) or Medicare Part A and Part B (Doctor coverage).  There is no monthly fee for Medicare Part A as long as you or your spouse have worked in the country for 40 quarters (10 years).  Medicare Part B has a monthly fee, most people pay $148.50, but anyone with an income above $88,000 as a single or $176,000 as a couple will pay a higher amount.  

During normal times (non COVID-19), you can visit your local Social Security/Medicare office.  There you can apply for benefits in person, schedule an interview or attend one, ask questions, and get help filing Extra Help forms.

What Should You Know Before You Schedule a Social Security/Medicare Office Interview?

When you're applying for Medicare benefits, there are some things you'll need to know to process your application faster so you can be approved for Medicare benefits in New Jersey. 

Here are a number of scenarios in which you will have to work with your local Social Security/Medicare office 

  • You are turning 65 and qualifying for Medicare.

If you are already collecting Social Security retirement benefits then you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare, you don’t have to apply.  If you elect to not take Medicare because you have other credible insurance you can request to not be enrolled.

If you are not collecting Social Security retirement benefits and elect to take Medicare, then you will have to apply.  The most efficient way to apply is by completing an online application.  You can also call your local Social Security office to schedule a phone appointment.

  • You are over age 65 and losing employer coverage.

You will need to apply for Medicare through your local Social Security office.  There are two forms which must be completed, one you fill out which applies you for Medicare and the other form needs to be completed by any employer who you’ve had insurance through since you were eligible for Medicare.  The best way to submit these forms during COVID-19 is via fax.  You can find your local Social Security/Medicare office in New Jersey here.  

The New Jersey Medicare Brokers office is looking forward to meeting people in person again soon.  We can help guide you through the process of applying for Medicare, Extra help, or answer your Medicare questions.  Our agents are well versed in the Medicare enrollment process and will contact your local Social Security office with you to help guide you through the process.  

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