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Why Should You Engage with a Medicare Broker?

With there being over one thousand potential combinations of ways you can take your Medicare in New Jersey, there is a lot to go over all at once—and by yourself. You might worry you're not making the right decision or choosing too hastily. This is where a Medicare broker can step in and help—at no cost to you.

3 Major Benefits to Calling a Medicare Broker

Medicare brokers' one job is to know what you need to know about Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. They have to recertify every year to continue serving people just like you, so they are always up to date on the latest changes in Medicare rules and its related plans. Their expertise is not the only reason to contact one, though:

  • They're free! Medicare brokers are completely free for you to consult with, with no strings attached. Call their assistance a perk of being a Medicare recipient. 
  • They can come to you! Not all plans an insurance company offers will be available in your area. Your Medicare Broker is knowledgeable of what's available in your New Jersey county, and you can work with them over the phone or in person. 
  • They're unbiased! Medicare Advantage plans come from private insurance companies, but your brokers do not. They are not paid to push the plans belonging to one company over the other; their job is to present all available plans that suit your individual needs.

With no cost and no agenda attached, contacting a Medicare Broker for help can really only benefit you, even if all you want is a second opinion!

Get Medicare Assistance in Your Area

Don't lose important time agonizing over all the various Medicare Advantage plans, Prescription Drug plans, and Medicare Supplement plans available in your NJ area.  You shouldn't settle for the first plan you see just because it's easier than a thorough examination. 

Let a Medicare broker, like the agents at New Jersey Medicare Brokers, do the heavy lifting for you. They will take the time to get to know your individual case so they can help you find the plans that best suit your healthcare needs and budget, and you get to enjoy peace of mind.

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